a little bit about me

I am a 500-Hr Advanced Yoga teacher having practiced Yoga for 15 years and teaching for eight years.

My Yoga training is based on B.K.S Iyengar and Geeta Iyengar’s teachings; therefore alignment is the foundation of my classes.  I try and make classes accessible to all as asanas (postures) are adapted to each person’s body and ability.  Together with Yin and restorative Yoga, I teach strong flow and Hatha classes.

My passion is approaching all Yoga with mindfulness and continuously trying to better my understanding of anatomy and movement.  After creating a special weekly Restorative Yoga class for ladies undergoing treatment for cancer, I discovered the true value of Yoga as therapy for not only a tired body, but also for the stressed and wired person.

My mantra is “Breathe deeply and Love Unconditionally”, which allows me to often take a step back and take a deep breath to remember that everyone is going through their own suffering and that practicing kindness is important. I may not always be successful, but we all need a reminder to try and be mindful of the impact of our interaction with people every day.

As I have a heart for the elderly, I’m adding a new movement class to make Yoga more accessible even for the elderly.  Movement – any form of movement, is very important to keep the body able and agile. This class will include loads of stretching, chair yoga, pranayama (breath work), meditation and maybe even a little dancing!

It has been said that “growing old is mandatory but being old is a choice”.