Lee’s Yoga Bites – Bathroom bends

Why not kick-start your day with a morning yoga bathroom routine? Here’s 4 simple things you can do to give you that extra stretch before you get going with your day.

1 – Start off with a half standing forward bend / half down dog. This posture not only stretches but also lengthens your spine – especially the lower back, as well as hamstrings and calves. Doing this daily will help strengthen your back, improve your posture and help relieve lower back stiffness. This posture feels sooo good after your night’s sleep.

2 – Next, while prepping to brush your teeth or to do other things, prop that foot up on the lid of the toilet seat for 10 counts for a nice hamstring stretch. Don’t forget to flex and point that foot, working the ankles or to swop sides!

3 – You’re deep in thought about your day – or maybe your eyes are closed and you are focusing on slowing down and mindfully brushing EACH tooth, while getting rid of those cavities. Pop your foot up on the basin, cabinet or whatever else is available to you for a quick glute / psoas / piri formis stretch.

4 – Last but not least! When your hips are nicely warmed up its time for a little challenge…. Standing sideways now, put your left foot up on the basin or cabinet. Then take your left hand straight up to the sky and slowly bend and stretch over to the right hand side. Coming into a modified and supported half pigeon pose, you will feel a good stretch in your side flank as well as into the hip joint and surrounding muscles. You could even do this without the leg up and just stretch out those sides of the body and the arms.

That’s it! Four simple things to do in the bathroom to kick off your daily routine. Your body will thank you and as the days go on you will notice how much further you can stretch or reach.

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